Thursday, 3 October 2013


Thy Presence fills every nook and corner of the whole universe,
O Auspiciousness! Where can I invoke Thee?
You are everywhere, world’s refuge,
Can a special role be given? The holy Ganges flows from consciousness...
Thy feet—how to give obeisance! O Purity!
Marble-white complexioned,
Can oblations wash a speck? O Untainted! 
What can taint thee?
Cool waters drench not the heat absorbent,
Sandalwood disappears in Your calm.
When endless sky covers Thee
Garments are unnecessary—O Love!
Knowing the very ocean of wisdom
Needless, the sacred thread of knowledge
Precious jewels—ruby, pearly, amethyst
Fade, as Thou art Lord, gloss of all.
When Thou art the fragrance,
blossoming Flower garlands, can they adorn Thee?
When all appeased, will hunger, thirst remain
Since there is only Finis...finis...finis!
Thou are all-pervading! Where to circumambulate?
The Vedas have negated all description
How can I invoke Thee?
The lustrous sun-light fades before Thee
What of the camphor flame? [used in the arati-worship rite]
No place for any immersion [in holy water-tanks in temples]
Since you fill all surroundings. All desire to worship thee is banished. The concept of you being God and I being devotee has vanished. This is my invisible spontaneous prayer I got the light of understanding regarding the worship of thy feet Glory—Thy nature!

[A Marathi-language abhanga, translated into English, written by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, and sung daily as part of the morning bhajan session of songs and chants]