Thursday, 3 October 2013


And that is how I go about now, and ceaselessly repeat the Prayer of Jesus, which is more precious and sweet to me than anything in the world. At times I do as much as 45 miles a day, and do not feel that I am walking at all. I am aware only of the fact that I am saying my Prayer. When the bitter cold pierces me, I begin to say my prayer more earnestly and I quickly get warm all over. When hunger begins to overcome me, I call more often on the name of Jesus, and I forget my wish for food. When I fall ill and get rheumatism in my back and legs, I fix my thoughts on the Prayer and do not notice the pain. If anyone insults me I have only to think, ‘How sweet is the Prayer of Jesus!’ and the grievance and the anger alike pass away and I forget it all.
I have become a kind of fool; I don’t worry about anything any longer and nothing attracts me anymore and nothing vain can hold my interest. The one thing I wish for is to be alone, and all by myself to pray, to pray without ceasing; and doing this, I am filled with joy. God knows what is happening to me!

-The Way of a Pilgrim


  1. A timeless treasure for the path of japa in the Christian orthodox church

    1. This prayer is very heart-touching and remains a favorite, always wanted to thank for this! <3