Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Only gentleness and patience, and silence are receptive for being. 'I' is a thought-feeling, it is still an object. But what it really signifies is neither subject nor object. It is non-dual.

We can regain the purity and simplicity of a child when we stop arguing, worrying with ourselves and with others. The use of the mind confines us to the dictates of the mind, of duality and suffering. We ARE the Self, we only think we are a person.


  1. What is the different between the "Self" and the "I"? Why Ramana makes this duality?

  2. We experience our 'I' only as a relationship, like my body, my thoughts, my car. Sri Ramana discovered that the essence of the 'I' is unborn and eternal and asked us to probe into it to find this out for ourselves.