Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Yesterday i went for the first time to the Samadhi Hall and the Old Hall in Sri Ramanasramam. Meditating there i was surprised as i am each year when i return. I am sure all who were there know what i try to express. In one word: It is indescribable. I sometimes hear people say, 'well, you know, Ramana is inside, so there is no need to go to India.' Of course that is true on an absolute level. But if we have never felt this embrace, sitting in His residence, how could we know?
Bhagavan himself has stated repeatedly that to come to Ramanasramam only serves the purpose to experience the universal nature of the Self. He was and He IS universal Being and Love.
Yet, a guru of mine once said, 'You don't grab the horns of a cow to get milk!' 
After coming to Arunachala for 29 years i am amazed to fall in love like for the first time! I can never memorize this, and it is always fresh and convincingly so!
Bhagavan once compared the Self to a rose when asked how it would be possible that this freshness remains.
So i wish all to come to His feet and be embraced by his Love.
Namo Ramanaya... Reinhard

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