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Hi Reinhard -Hope you are doing fine. For the past 2 years I am kind of more serious in practicing Self-enquiry. I already started to see some positive flow. Having said that, there is only one single thought that disturbs or holds responsibility for any hampering, which is the fundamental hypothesis on which the entire "science of Being" rests. There is only one query which lingers in my practicing mind- 

"Why does Self have a wonderous power called "mind" and why this game of projecting a "world" and a "body form" with a complex mechanism allowing each mind component to realize & to get absorbed back? "
This thought was clinging to me right from the 1st time I read Michael James's 'Happiness and the art of Being' book. Thus only when i assume this the rest follows.

Many times, at least, these days, this thought haunts me. If i could kill this thought i would be comfortable. I know this cannot be answered like an objective Science experiment. But surprisingly in all the published literature this is not even questioned or raised with Bhagavan and more or less people seem to accept this fundamental assumption of the entire theory. Even no one questioned this with their talks with RM. Rest of the questions & their answers does not disturb me at all as once the basis is assumed rest follows on which I am clear at this juncture. I need one grand BIG help from you to resolve this. I know to satisfy a mind it needs a hard pull and a friendly approach rather than a thrust. Can you throw some light and point to any discussions by Bhagavan or Robert Adams, if any, on this fundamental aspect? That wouId be a great help. Thanks a lot.

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This shows that you are deeply questioning. This is sometimes called the forbidden question. Notice that you ask from the mind system! To understand how a cinema functions you have to step outside of the position of a guest seeing a film. Understand the analogy? From the 'standpoint' of the Eternal there is no separation, no creation, no seeker, no liberation. Therefore the scriptures talk about maya, literally 'that which is not'. Bhagavan, when asked about his view would sometimes cite the Gaudapa Karika. III, v.48:

"No jiva ever comes into existence. There exists no cause that can produce it. The supreme truth is that nothing ever is born."

The practical solution is to verify all this in your own experience by exploring your own being. Is it changeful? Can you give it the main emphasis and only see thoughts from there? Our mind has no substantial core. Only thoughts verify other thoughts. As soon as being is allowed to be in the center a fundamental shift starts. SAT is not mental and the thoughts that get into contact with IT are becoming tuned like a musical instrument. That is why Bhagavan could teach through his mere beingness and presence. All that came and all who come today find this rock-like stillness filled with his warmth. In this we can trust enough to explore it within and find our own conviction.

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